Certificate of  Honour
11 th film's forum "Asie - Europe", Moscow, 2008

TLT, Les films figures libres with participation of  Mezzo,  26 mn,  2006
Broadcast on TLT, Mezzo, France 2 nuit

Tugan Sokhiev, crescendo subito

There were several reasons for making a film about Tugan Sokhiev: his childhood in North Ossetia, the young musician’s departure for Saint Petersburg, where he fascinated all his teachers, then the public recognition of a young conductor in cities throughout the world. Tugan’s itinerary is captivating: his conception of life and art reflect his multi-faceted personality. Conducting means turning the slow anarchy of the orchestra into harmony. So this film focuses on the daily performances of a man at work, his privileged relationship with the soloists and the orchestra. Tugan Sokhiev shows, with force and conviction, how conducting is

Director : Vladimir Kozlov, Sonia Paramo 
Script : Sonia Paramo, Vladimir Kozlov
Camera : Miguel Rozas, Patrick Lauze, Vladimir Kozlov
Sound : Olivier Calvat
Editing : Patrick Lauze 

Music:  Mendelsonh, Berlioz, Rimski-Korsakov,
            Beethoven, Stravinski


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