Film music
"Kinovarka - 2009"
Price of  Best interpretation
festival "Kinovarka - 2009",  Minsk, Belarus.

Centre Européen de Formation à la Production de Films  (CEFPF)
Travelling Production,  9 mn,   2008

The Tenderness

The impossible love between a young man and a woman much older, told in a few lines.
Adaptated from one of Henri Barbusse’s short story (1912) and transposed nowadays.

With   Julie Badoc
           Lionel Rondeau

Director and writer: Vladimir Kozlov
Cinematographers: Vladimir Kozlov & Remy Foucherot

Music: Youri Morozov
Sound: Benoît Tachoires
Editing: Dimitri Serres



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3st. Prize of  Best fiction
12st. festival national vidéo in Montauban, 2008.
Selectioned in festival «Saratov Sufferings»,  2008,  Russia.