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The rock underground of Youri Morozov     TV version
The rock underground of Youri Morozov     TV versionmm


Slow Film Festival, Eger, Hungary - Best feature documentary
Steps Film Festival, Kiev, Ukraine - Best documentary
Second Award Irpen Film Festival of alternative cinematograph, Ukraine, 2014


The rock underground of Youri Morozov
France - Russia,  52 mn,  2006
Les Films figures libres, TLT (France), Antrop studio (Russia)

Rock - Monologue        Long version
Russia,   69 mn,  2008

Cinémabank et Antrrop studio

Yuri Morozov, a pioneer of underground Russian rock of the 70-80s, made more than 60 albums which circulated clandestinely in the USSR and were distributed with amateur tape recorders.
The rock musicians of those years were pursued by the KGB, “treated” like dissidents in psychiatric clinics, or simply dispatched without official reason to labor camps.
Some never came back. This documentary used the experiences of this musician to examine musical life in those years.
We enter the catacombs-cum-concert rooms and follow 30 years of persecutions organized by the KGB, from the Brezhnevian era in a country cut off from the rest of the world, to the dark years of Vladimir Putin.
For the first time, we discover the secret archives of the KGB. We glimpse an unknown USSR in the 8mm amateur movies, unseen for more than 30 years, which were shot on the sly during concerts given by hippies and rockers.
Through the life of Yuri Morozov, who enjoyed underground fame and later official success, we discover the evolution of Russian society in the course of 36 years.
While the Iron Curtain was drawn, Morozov went his nonconformist artist’s way.

Director and writer : Vladimir Kozlov
Music: Youri Morozov
Camera :
Vladimir Kozlov and Michel Kluev 
Sound : Jasmin Tropillo
Editing : Patrick Lauze (TV version), Dimitri Zuev (Long version)
Sonia Paramo  (TV version),  Andrei Tropillo  (Long version)

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