Best documentary 2012
  Aerospatial film festival   France

 Film music
Certificate of  Honour
Sebastopol International Film Festival, Ukraine, 2012
Festivals  2011 - 2013

Russian cinéma  Vesna, Paris and Honfleur, "A  nous de voir"  Oullins,
FIGRA -  Le Touquet Paris Plage - France,
International Documentary Film Festival « Cronograf », Chisinau, Moldova.
Orthodoxes festivals "The Angel bright" Moscou and "Meeting" Obninsk, Russie

Broadcast TLT ( Toulouse, France )  2011

Alexeï Léonov, the Spacewalker

France - Russia,  60mn,  2011
Les Docs du Nord, Les Films de la Castagne, TLT Toulouse (France), Screen-Film (Russie)

The day Alexey Leonov became the first man to leave a rocket and brave outer space in
1965, he became the author’s - then a teenager - hero. Meeting Leonov for the first time
on March 9, 2008, the author asks how this Major-General of aviation, this twice-decorated
hero of the Soviet Union, was able to surf the wave of a change in political regime and make
a seamless transition into today’s Russia.

Director and writer: Vladimir Kozlov
Music: Youri Morozov, Sergueï Luzine
Camera : Christian Deloeil, Irina Ivakhova, Igor Zachovsky
Sound : Philippe Fabbri, Didier Baulès
Editing : Fabien Daguerre
Produced: Christian Lamarche, Vincent Barthe


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