Selectioned in internationals festivals
"Saratov Sufferings" and "Russia abroad",  Russia, 2013
"ArtDocFest", Moscow 2013,  "Steps", Ukraine, Kharkov,  2013
"Tcheboksary", Russia, 2013,  "D'Est en Est", Lille, France, 2014

Broadcast TLT ( Toulouse, France )  2012
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Volga - Garonne

Les Docs du Nord -
Toulouse TV  TLT (France) - Belvideocenter (Belarus),  52 mn,  2012

This film draws the portraits of two migrants whose paths intersect:
Irina Makeenko, who, though born in France, went to live in USSR at the age of twelve, and Vladimir Kozlov, a film director, who arrived in France after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Irina Makeenko's parents, White Russians who had settled in the region of Toulouse after 1917, believed Stalin's promises and returned to the USSR in 1947.
About 50 years later, after perestroïka, Vladimir Kozlov took the reverse migration path, motivated also by the dream of a better life.
Between a country dreamt of and a country lost, a story of hope and disillusionment.

Director and writer: Vladimir Kozlov
Camera : Mathias Touzeris, Irina Ivakhova
Sound : Cyril Martin, Didier Baulès
Music: Youri Morfessi, soviet songs
Editing : Fabien Daguerre
Produced: Marie Dumoulin, Christian Lamarche

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