Film music
Winner "Kinoglaz"
Best documentary, "Artdocfest" festival, Moscow, 2011

Broadcast TLT Toulouse, Histoire (France),  24.doc (Russia)


France - Russia, 86 mn, 2011
Les Docs du Nord, Les Films de la Castagne, TLT Toulouse (France), Screen-Film (Russia)

In the hometown of Yuri Gagarin everyone hero worships humanity’s first cosmonaut ; but within demolished Russian society the devotion that is displayed to past glory perhaps hides personal ambitions that are more or less respectable.

Director and writer: Vladimir Kozlov
Camera: Vladimir Kozlov, Christian Deloeil, Irina Ivakhova,
Olivier Pullincks

Music: Nicolas Debard

Sound: Phillippe Fabbri
Production: Vincent Barthe, Christian Lamarche,
Svetlana Kouznetsova

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